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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Watch: Muslim Terrorists open fire against residents protesting the life under Hamas terrorist regime in Gaza

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OUTRAGEOUS: Hamas opens live fire on hundreds of Palestinians who protested against its responsibility for their miserable lives.
They said: "We want to live!"
Hamas said: "We will kill you for saying this".
Dozens were wounded and hundreds of people were arrested.
Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets of the Gaza Strip on for a third day in a row, to protest the Strict Sharia law and the high cost of living in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
The media is silent to avoid damaging the image of Islam.
Every year, the Palestinians in Gaza receive billions of dollars in foreign aid from Western countries, but most of the money was stolen by the corrupt Hamas leaders .
Hamas maintains the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza in order to force Western countries and pressure leaders like Angela Merkel and Emanuel Makron to increase the foreign aid budget to the Gaza Strip.
Most of the money transferred to the Gaza Strip is used for missile development, tunnel digging, weapons development and terrorist recruitment around the world.
Western countries must cut all their foreign aid to Gaza.
Poverty in Gaza has nothing to do with Israel, everything is under the control of Hamas.

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