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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Afghan husband tied & hanged his wife then tortured her for days because she didn't obey him

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This report gives a small glimpse into the difficult lives of women and girls under the Sharia laws in Afghanistan, which recently became a member of the UN Human Rights Council.
Manizha is a 20-year old woman from Moqor area of southern Ghazni province who revealed to BBC how she was constantly tortured by her husband.
Manizha said, "From the day I married this man, I was always striving to make his family happy, and did the house work with a lot of interest.
But the incorrect behavior of my husband's mother, and especially my husband's beatings and brutal behavior, didn't give me this chance. I was not the daughter-in-law of that house, I was the slave or servant....They punched and kicked me on my face. They tied my hands with a rope and beat me with chains, sticks and a whip. I spent days and weeks in the basement of the house with my hands and feet tied up. They forced me to work in the cold and snow...There is no part of my body which is not injured. The nails of my hands have fallen, and my feet don't have the strength to move...."
In most Islamic countries there are no laws protecting women's rights, or prohibiting child marriage.
Recently Afghanistan has been granted United Nations Human Rights Council membership after getting 130 votes.
130 countries including Western countries voted to elect Afghanistan to the UN Human Rights Council, the same country where child marriage, forced marriage, honor killings and Domestic violence are social norms. Pakistan and Qatar also gained membership at the Human Rights Council, Countries where violence against women is at an alarming level. Women of all ages are enduring brutal physical and sexual abuse in their own homes.

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